Vintage Aesthetics Built with Modernized Thinking

For 25 years, UPcarparts has used modern thinking to design and manufacture hundreds of sheet metal products, while respecting the lineage and aesthetics of the vintage vehicles we love. Revitalize your classic by replacing its damaged or rusted-out sheet metal pieces with our faithful OEM reproduction parts.

Whether replacing a fender skirt for your 1965 Chevy, a quarter panel for your first-generation Bronco, or a hood for your Mustang Fastback, UPcarparts has the quality steel parts to restore and strengthen your American legend.
UPcarparts’ Research and Development team spends years designing and testing our products on original vehicles in all-weather situations, ensuring long-lasting quality and safety.

Straightening or repairing your panels is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Instead, replace those corroded pieces with our die-stamped, high-quality metal parts crafted with precision tooling.

Crafted to adhere to the parts’ singular style, our seamless panels come with authentic side markers, emblem holes, and correctly hinged geometry and gaps to ensure an OEM-like fit.

EDP Coating
Our premium EDP (electro-deposit primer) coating offers superior transport and corrosion protection to keep your parts looking and performing like new. Simply sand down the areas to be welded, add an adhesive bond to the bare metal, and enjoy years of worry-free driving in any climate.
Maintain the look of your classic while upgrading to safer, stronger, more enduring parts. Our precisely designed products are made for seamless installation, enhancing not detracting from the original beauty of your vintage car or truck.
Vehicle Application
Make UPcarparts your go-to, one-stop shop for all your classic Ford, Chevy, and GMC parts. From bumpers to tailgates, grilles to flooring, we have everything you need to turn your passion project into a showstopper.

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