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LED Lighting

Modern Technology with Classic Styling

Upgrade to LED

Retain the original style of your classic car while benefiting from modern LED lighting technology.

We carry LED options in original style headlights, tail lights with sequential function, unique side mirrors with hidden LED turn signals and powerful sequential lighting. Our LED lights are brighter, safer, lasts longer, consumes less energy and is equipped with direct plug and play installation. Our parts are fully backed with a Lifetime Warranty for specific LED lighting options.

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Road Tested

Our lights have passed a series of grueling and extensive environmental testing, in our lab and on the road.

The rigorous processes include vibration testing; simulating harsh road conditions around the world and extreme temperature simulations ensuring durability.

Our products carry an Ingress Protection rating to ensure the level of protection you can expect from United Pacific with all headlights and tail lights DOT and SAE approved.

Sequential Technology

United Pacific continually innovates with LED lighting and offers the latest in LED sequential lighting technology.

The sequential tail light assemblies include a built-in selector switch with options of sequential left, sequential right, sequential function off, and sequential-once brake attention function.

Sequential LEDs are hidden in plain sight within our tail light assemblies, maintaining a factory appearance.

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Classic cars are now driven faster than they were originally designed for, so many tend to overdrive the capability of the original lights.

Upgrade and modernize your headlights to match the performance of your ride, while keeping the classic look. LED’s lower energy consumption and extended lifespan eliminates dimming head lights and frequent bulb replacements.

United Pacific carries headlight options for a wide variety of classic makes and models, including the bestselling LED light with LED position light bar, available in amber or white.

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United Pacific Headlight

United Pacific tail light

Tail Lights

Our unique tail lights are designed with high-quality super bright LED lights improving safety and visibility.

The LEDs and solid-state circuit boards are designed to be hidden in plain sight, which are carefully integrated into the classic lens designs to maintain a classic factory appearance.

Epoxy coated fully sealed electronics and weatherproof polycarbonate lenses ensure maximum durability. Most of our tail lights feature the convenience of a direct Plug-n-Play process for a quick installation, so you can spend more time on the road.

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Accessory Lights

Customize your classic car with high performance accessory lighting.

We cover you inside and out with door, dome, map, side marker lights and more. Shop a wide variety of options to change or improve your cars appearance, ambience and functionality.

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United pacific lights accessories

LED Mirrors

Our LED mirrors are designed with the added safety of LED turn signals embedded into mirror, hiding the LEDs when they’re not in use to maintain the classic factory appearance.

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All of our modular LED headlights and lights are fully backed by a 3-month limited or lifetime warranty*.

Please contact our customer service team for more information.

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