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For 25 years, UPcarparts has been at the forefront of LED technology for the classic car and truck community. We’ve designed and manufactured hundreds of LED products with modern thinking, while respecting the lineage and aesthetics of the vintage vehicles we love.

Our superior technology makes these LEDs a must have item for your restoration project. The differences between LED lights and its halogen and incandescent counterparts are a matter of night and day. A quick install means you’ll be driving safer in no time, enjoying superb energy efficiency and improved visibility thanks to the LED’s pure white beam.  


LED Visibility
Improved Visibility & Safety
Our LEDs are some of the brightest lights on the market, with a light pattern far wider than the output of halogens and incandescents.
Longer and Lasting Headlights for C10 Trucks
Longer Lasting
LEDs blow their halogen and incandescent counterparts out of the water when it comes to longevity, providing 30,000 hours of reliable use.
Easy Installation
Most of our lights are plug-and-play, require only a standard headlight socket and wire harness plug-in.
Aesthetic & White Beam
With a pure white color clocking in around 6000K, LED lights look way cooler than the slightly yellow tint halogens and incandescents emit.
Circuit Board LED Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient
Give your battery a break! LEDs run cooler, drawing 75% less energy than halogens and incandescents.
Quality and Assembly
Manufactured with intelligent photometric design, our LED chips, lenses, and housing materials are made with the highest-grade of materials, tested to ensure all hand assembled in the U.S.A.


Lumens and C10 LED Lights
Lumen Ratings
Our LED reflector surfaces direct the light rays of the bulb into a concentrated beam of 2,000 lumens in low beam and 4,000 lumens in high beam, more than double the light emitted by halogens.

LED Color Temperature
Color Temperature
When it comes to color temperature, halogens are fixed at around 3,000 degrees Kelvin (a unit of thermodynamic temperature), a warm yellowish tone similar to that of a 2,700K incandescent bulb.

United Pacific’s superior LEDs produce an ample white light output at 6000K, providing unmatched visibility on dark roads. So here’s the breakdown:

Cost Benefits
Yes, LEDs do cost more than halogens or incandescents. But your LED lights are going to last 30 times longer, using less energy to operate and saving you quite a bit of money in the long run. LEDs have a lumen-per-watt ratio of 80-100 lm/W, compared to 16-24 lm/W for halogens. This means that LEDs emit much more light while using much less energy.

DOT Icon
Most of our LED lights are DOT Compliant*.

*Non-DOT compliant lights should be used only on off-road vehicles.
Our LED lights have a limited lifetime warranty on the semiconductor. 

Visit our Warranty and Returns site for details.
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Background Quotes
“The folks at United Pacific Industries continue to raise the bar, adding great looks to the list of reasons to make the switch [to LEDs].” – Classic Car Restoration Club.
"A company leading the charge to better lighting – and safety – is United Pacific Industries.” – Chevy Hardcore/Street Muscle Magazine.
“At a glance, it all looks completely stock.” - MotorTrend.
Our products have a collective 4.5 average rating from over 4,200 customers on Amazon, and a 4.8 rating from over 33,000 customers of Speedway Motors.