Squarebody C10s with UPcarparts LED Parking Lights

1973-1980 Squarebody C10 Full-LED Front Conversion

Complete your 1973-1980 Squarebody C10's LED front end with our newest LED parking/turn signal lights.

For many years, 3rd Gen (Squarebody) Chevy C10 owners have been waiting for LED front parking/turn signal lights and UPcarparts finally answered the call earlier this year. With LED lights available for the headlights and side markers, the parking/turn signal lights have been the missing link to truly convert 1973-1980 C10s to a full front LED setup.

Many C10 enthusiasts are familiar with our LED product line and while our competitors offer a variation of the LED parking lights, what truly sets our apart is the integrated chrome bezel that goes so well with the existing OEM headlight chrome bezels. And if your Squarebody already has LED headlights and front side markers, the full front LED conversion just looks absolutely fantastic.
Coming in two types of lenses; amber or clear – Squarebody owners have the choice of which lens to choose to best match to their truck. Each lens will illuminate with amber LEDs. They even look awesome when they’re not lit. Such a little modification can make a huge different to the aesthetic.

Part Numbers:
110885 – L/H amber
110886 – R/H amber
110964 – L/H clear
110965 – R/H clear

Squarebody C10s with LED Parking Lights
Squarebody C10 Amber LED Parking Light front
Squarebody C10 Amber LED Parking Light amber
Squarebody C10 Clear LED Parking Light front
Squarebody C10 Clear LED Parking Light angle
UPcarparts 1973-1980 C10 Amber & Clear LED Parking Lights