Light UP the Night Cruise at C10 Intervention 2022

C10 Intervention 2022 Coverage


Labor Day Weekend. The time where Americans take a break and celebrate the closing of the summer and gather together at BBQs and maybe go to the beach. For C10 enthusiasts, it’s the weekend where they all come together to admit and celebrate their addiction and love affair of the legendary Chevy/GMC truck…

C10 Intervention.

It’s the largest gathering of Chevy C10s and other classic Chevy/GMC trucks in California that happens during Labor Day Weekend every year. The annual C10 gathering is led by the trio that consists of Tony Ortega of C10 Club Sacramento, Carlos Vidales of Dropped Lower and none other than John Oro of C10 Club. Last year’s event was the very first time it was held in Downtown Historic Woodland, CA. It was such a success that C10 Intervention had no choice but to come back.

Just like the previous year, the event was held for two days. On the first day, – the title sponsor for C10 Intervention hosted the Light UP the Night Cruise from 7PM to 9PM to kick off the weekend’s festivities. For the classic truck attendees that registered for the cruise, they were allowed to drive up and down the 1-mile closed stretch along Main Street as many times as they pleased for the 2-hour duration from sunset into the night. All sorts of classic trucks like C10s, 3100s, and quite a bit of OBS trucks were out there cruising too.

The next day, Sunday was officially the day of the C10 Intervention show. Early in the morning, over 1,000 classic Chevy & GMC trucks rolled into the closed 1-mile stretch of Main Street to park their builds. From end to end, C10 enthusiasts and spectators walked around to see all the incredible classic trucks, check out the sponsor vendors, and get food and drinks from the local Woodland restaurants.

Despite the 100+ degree heat thanks to momentary heat wave across California, thousands of people traveled near and far to Woodland to attend the show. If that doesn’t show how special C10 Intervention is, we don’t know what will. With only its second time being held in Woodland, the Intervention has transcended beyond of just being a classic Chevy/GMC truck show. It’s become a local neighborhood that brings C10 enthusiasts together to celebrate their passion for the community.

Towards the end of the show, we held the drawing of our raffle giveaway and announced the winners like “Best K5 Blazer”, “Best ‘73-‘87”, and “Best of Show” -  presenting them with trophies. The 2-day event went like a blink of an eye and many C10 owners already can’t wait for 2023. C10 Intervention is growing larger every year, attracting enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts to Woodland on Labor Day weekend. We’ll see everyone for C10 Intervention next year!

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