Aerial shot of Quarantine Cruise

Classic Cars & Trucks Go for Sunday Quarantine Cruise


When the pandemic hit Southern California early in March, streets and highways that used to be packed with cars and often times, lots of traffic – were suddenly empty, giving an eerie feeling and sight of a post-apocalyptic reality. As businesses start to reopen three months later, more people are starting to drive around again, especially car enthusiasts. For weeks, many car clubs have been waiting patiently and gearing up for Quarantine Cruise 5 on Sunday, June 14th in Huntington Beach, CA.

After hearing about previous quarantine cruises from C10 Club Los Angeles, we just had to check out the event for ourselves. With a 7:00 AM meet-up time at Westminster Mall with the C10 crew, our Sunday morning started quite early. Wasting no time at all, we all started cruising the streets of Huntington Beach for a couple of miles until we arrived at the Huntington Beach Sports Complex parking lot. Not having a show worthy car present, we chose to park off to the side to let the beautiful project vehicles all park together. As we walked around the massive parking lot, more and more cars, trucks and SUVs continued to roll in and fill up all the parking spaces.

Staying home for the past few months really got many car enthusiasts anxious to go out for a Sunday drive and the proof was definitely in the pudding. Men, women, children, families, even dogs came out enjoy the cars and gorgeous weather. While there were automobiles of all makes and models present, the C10 community was clearly the largest single group of vehicles that made an appearance. There were quite a few 32 Fords that showed up too. It was wonderful to see so many car lovers gather together again, but also a little strange to maintain 6 feet apart and see people wearing masks. A little adjustment was needed the first couple of minutes, but the car enthusiast community is as strong as ever despite what’s all been going on the last few months.

Seeing how successful Quarantine Cruise 5 went, Quarantine 6 should be happening sometime in the next month or two. We absolutely had a blast and can’t wait for the next one!

Be sure to follow @qruisinpch on Instagram for announcements and updates on Quarantine Cruise 6 scheduled to happen on Sunday, July 12th.

Aerial shot of Quarantine Cruise
Squarebody C10 rolling in
Orange 2nd Gen C10
Group of C10s parked up
1st Gen C10s parked up
Red hot rod
Two gentlemen hanging out