John Oro's Prom Queen at C10 Intervention 2021

United Pacific Lights UP the Night at C10 Intervention


Many months ago, the organizers of C10 Intervention - Tony Ortega, president of C10 Club Sacramento, Carlos Vidales from Dropped Lower, and John Oro from C10 Club came to us with an idea for a collaboration. With this year’s C10 Intervention moving to Downtown Woodland, CA, we thought that hosting a cruise for Day 1 would be a fun way to start off the weekend’s festivities. With a plan in place, the next step was to think of what to call it. A C10 cruise night with United Pacific hosting it. After some brainstorming, this is what came into fruition…

Light UP the Night.

Get it? The capitalized “UP” short for “United Pacific”. Clever right? 
In the past, C10 Intervention would always be held in some sort of open area for registered owners to park their sweet classic Chevy trucks. Once the Light UP the Night Cruise began at 6:00 PM on the dot on Saturday, the first sight of John Oro’s red K5 Blazer leading the pack of what seemed to be a never-ending parade of C10s was something out of a movie.

“Red 5 Standing By…” (Star Wars fans will get this reference)

That was the first thought that came into mind at that very moment. Anyway, once the cruise got underway, it was smiles all around – from the registered C10 owners driving up and down the closed 1-mile stretch of Main Street to the spectators gathered along the sidewalk.  As the sun slowly started to go down, the warm light of the sun began to grow golden, setting off a magical backdrop that couldn’t have been planned any better.

Once the last bit of sunlight began to fade away, the classic C10s all started to turn on their headlights - many of them rocking United Pacific LED headlights & tail lights. It was great to see so many passionate enthusiasts show love to your company and its products. It was a special moment to be able to witness such a wonderful event.

The classic truck owners continued to cruise up and down Main Street, driving in their passions that they built from the ground up. Many enthusiasts came up to me and my colleagues to say how much fun they had. With that much positive feedback, it was clear that United Pacific and C10 Intervention struck gold with the classic Chevy truck community. Bringing passionate individuals to celebrate the C10 while shining bright in a town that needed a spark during the pandemic.

Mission accomplished.

John Oro
Light UP the Night Cruise C10 Intervention 2021begins
Eddie Dean
Prom Queen with UPcarparts LED headlights & LED parking lights
Tony Cole