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What is a Bronco?

Legendary SUV with a rich history. The Bronco changed the game forever.

For many people, especially automotive enthusiasts – the Ford Bronco is considered of the most iconic Fords, but also one of the most iconic SUVs of all-time. In fact, the Bronco was the first automobile to be referred to as a “Sports-Utility Vehicle”. The inception of the Bronco began with Ford Motor Company Vice President Donald Frey and Lee Iacocca – the two same guys who designed and launched the Mustang. The Bronco had one mission in mind – to go toe-to-toe with the Jeep CJ.

Fun fact: Ford produced more than 250,000 Jeeps during World War II. With all that experience building Jeeps during wartime, getting into the SUV space with Bronco was a no-brainer. Prior to the debut of the 1 st Generation Bronco, Ford comprehensively surveyed Jeep and International Harvester Scout owners to see what they liked and didn’t like. The results of that data led to what the 1966 Bronco would become.

When the 1966 Ford Bronco debuted, it initially was offered in three different body styles – Roadster (open top), Sports Utility (with pickup bed), and Wagon with two doors, tailgate, and full top. Out the three different variations, the Wagon model was the most popular among customers having a full-length hardtop roof and 5-passenger seating. The 1 st generation Bronco came standard with 170-cubic inch six-cylinder engine that produced 105 horsepower, 3-speed transmission, and four-wheel-drive. Later, an optional 289-V8 was available that bumped power to 200 horsepower.

Not only was the Bronco a fan favorite among enthusiasts with its superb ride comfort and usability, but it was the go-to when it came to off-road racing – taking victories at notable races like the Mint 400 and Baja 1000. From 1966-73, the 1 st gen Bronco stayed mostly the same until the introduction of and automatic transmission and power steering for the 1974 model year. The 1977 model year was the end of the 1 st Gen. Five generations came afterwards with the 6 th Gen currently on sale today keeping the Bronco passion alive.

Which Bronco generation is your favorite? 

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