24-22 to 20-18 AWG CS Multi-Wire Heat Shrink Connector - Clear w/ White Dash, 5 Pcs.

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SKU: 98136
  • 24-22 to 20-18AWG, White dash, In-line, Multi Wire Butt Connectors, Heat Shrink, Crimp Seal, Qty 5
  • 4x Adhesive on inside melts down to protect wires from corrosion
  • Connects two wires of smallest listed AWG to one of the same gauge on the opposite end.
  • For instance on the Blue Dash version, you can put two 14-16 GA wires on the 'yellow' end and one 14-16 GA wire on the 'blue' end.
  • Premium alternative to use in place of quick taps or scotch loks
  • Color stripes on connector indicates best crimp die to use
  • Color dash indicates wire size that can be used
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Product Details

  • SKU 98136
  • UPC 710270981366
  • Package Weight 0.04 lb
  • Package Width 2.75
  • Package Length 4.5
  • Package Height 1.25


  • Time Period 6 Months

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